The Spirit of the Food

Enjoyment of the Senses!
The restaurant is a place,not only for dinning,
but a place where people exchange conversations and interpret individual experiences.


We expect you

Every day is an event!

We are ready to celebrate with you every day event. Wheter is your birthday, a special aniversary or you just meet with some old friends, remember, every day is an event. Come to Cozy House Restaurant to make it special. We provide fine quality food and drinks at the smalles prices on this corner of the earth.
We love our customers and the grow to love us after the taste our delicious cuisine and have a sip of our finest drinks.
We are not here only to make you fell good, we are here to make you feel welcomed and cared. Everithing from the bar to the napkins was conceived to give you the ultimate experience and we like to brag about it.